Do you require a poster, leaflet, social media banner, or other double-take inspiring promotional material? Work with me to: 

• Capture the visual direction that reflects your goals
• Deliver your imagery in a unique medium that viewers will want to touch, and ask, how was this even made? 

My recent work is playing with physical cut paper collage. This is only one option for your visual goals... 
What would it be like to make a poster or other promotional material together?



As my studio space is under construction, I am generating flash of all the delightful things I would like to ink. Check out my portfolio. Appointments to be announced.



2014-2016 I have collaborated with REVERB, A Queer Reading Series. This community event provides space for queer and marginalized writers to share storytelling. Here, I debuted my series of cut paper posters as REVERB Artist in Residence. Later, I was invited back on the stage to share writing, daubling in themes of what you do to get by, giving the finger wag right back to shame and it’s oppressive origins, and having a good cathartic laugh about it all.

Summer 2015, I served as art space coordinator at campOUT, social justice leadership camp for queer and allied youth. I hosted workshops, provided one on one support. I encouraged youth to self-reflect and build friendships with crafts, silk screening, and writing prompts, and games.


Recent collaborations include:

• Reverb: A Queer Reading Series  | Artist in residence: poster design & guest reader

• Where the Mountains End Book Tour | poster designer

• Capilano Illustration Design Elements & Applications